Graphics Solutions with VizRT

Televideo’s Design Team Showcase the Possibilities with Viz

Today, the power of graphics in enhancing a television production cannot be underestimated. Whether the output is light entertainment, sports or news, television audiences now expect informative and exciting graphics of the highest quality, to add to their viewing experience.

Televideo have experience with many graphics solutions, but find VizRT systems stand above the rest in terms of flexibility, operation and design possibilities. With sport and light entertainment our main areas of focus, we operate in a fast-moving environment, with graphic content constantly changing as the event progresses. It is in this situation where the VizRT surpasses rival equipment - with Viz Trio an operator controls a playlist of graphics and video that allows them to quickly make changes to content and trigger to air with a simple user interface.

Having being at the forefront of the VizRT revolution for independent broadcasters over 8 years ago, Televideo have progressed and developed along with VizRT’s updates; our in-house team is advanced in both operation and design. Our current stock of VizRT equipment includes three OneBox solutions, all running Viz 3 Artist, Engine and Trio software, and two laptop and tower systems, which give operators the option of using Trio and Artist simultaneously.

Televideo’s senior graphics designer, Mike Burns, has recently designed a new in-house graphics set, which can be adapted for a wide range of sports productions; “Viz Artist is a fantastic means of creating graphics of all styles, from basic 2D animations to much more complex 3D scenes that can really give a production an extra level of interest and professionalism. My latest set has a number of layers, giving the operator the option to fire in several lines of graphics at once.”

In recent years Televideo have also integrated Viz graphics with a number of sport-specific data feeds, to allow information to be displayed synchronously on screen and in-venue for sports presentation purposes - this has been used on the Netball Superleague production for Sky Sports, and the Rugby League World Cup host broadcasts. For other clients, communications have been developed between the VizRT and the sport’s own data feeds, to ensure results and information are received immediately and generated to the television audience.

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