Training Academy: Apprentices Flying Solo

7-camera OB for local school

The Televideo Academy apprentices flew solo on Tuesday 14th March, as the team of 16 undertook a full outside broadcast as a training exercise at a local school.

The crew were given the client’s requirements and the specification of the OB, and from that point onwards, everything was handled by the apprentices. After a full production meeting, plans were put into place, with each person having their own role and responsibility. The Production Manager and Unit Manager ensured that everything was accurately detailed in the planning sheet, and that this information corresponded to Televideo’s wider travel plans and load lists. The day before the OB, all hands were on deck to prep and load Televideo HD6 and its tender units.

On the day of the job, it was an early start - at 7.30am the UM and PM were onsite to oversee the parking and positioning of the OB units, whilst the rest of the crew arrived at site at 8.30am to begin the rig. The FACS check was scheduled for 11.30am so it was a tight turn-around to have everything ready, but the crew pulled together and surprised themselves at just how much knowledge they had gleaned from their time with the company so far. The Group 1 Academy team, who began their year-long course in September 2016, took the key roles in the exercise, but were ably assisted by Group 2, who have been with Televideo for just under 3 months.

Shortly after the FACS check the first part of the event began – with a table tennis tournament that was to be filmed with 2 x ENG cameras, for use as a highlights package in the afternoon’s ‘production’. It was then on to the main event - a 3-on-3 basketball competition. For this, the brief was for the apprentices to produce and facilitate a ‘live’ show. A senior staff director gave the crew no mercy, and certainly kept them on their toes, by throwing impromptu requests at the camera, sound and VT departments.

The team did great, with little to no help from senior staff, just guidance and advice on the best way to do things. The post-OB communication between PM and client was also impressive, with the final product being a number of packages provided to the school for their website. The edits were carried out by apprentices who are focusing in production aspects of the OB industry.

Rae Helm, Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator at the school, commented, “The team handled the day with great professionalism and a smile on their faces. They responded quickly to new information, complications and changes in circumstances throughout the busy day. We are ever so pleased with the service we received, both on the day and in our follow up of questions and development.

Many of the apprentices and staff members bent over backwards to ensure our needs were met, and went the extra mile to engage our Film Studies pupils, who were able to watch the process, ask questions and explore a working environment they otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. We look forward to an ongoing, positive relationship with Televideo!”

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