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Length - 6.8m

Width - 2.4m

Height - 3.1m




1.5 metre SWE-DISH antenna with hi (11.3 GHz l.o.) and lo (10 GHz l.o.) band LNB
Tx Gain (14-14.5 GHz) 45dBi

Rx Gain 43.2dBi
Oyster self-seeking off-air dish with multi satellite freeview receiver and Sky digibox.
2x redundant MCL 300Watt TWTAs
TANDBERG TT1260 receiver (BISS decryption) 3x TANDBERG E5740 encoder, MPEG 2, DVB-S, QPSK, BISS Mode1, 4:2:2/4:2:0, SD SDI/CVBS, integral IRD 




Raycom RTB Base Station
4x portable UHF rx/tx iCOM units GSM cellphone with 4-wire breakout P300 Paradise satellite comms modem (up to 64k audio + 64k data) 





2 channel PPM audio monitor with 1x 8 input matrix 16 Channel MACKIE 1604-VLZ Pro audio mixer
(2x stereo o/p, 2x Aux o/p, 4x subs o/p)
4x analogue i/p into encoders (via router)

4x analogue o/p from IRDs 16x16 analogue audio router




3x SDI tailboard i/p
3x Composite (PAL/NTSC) tailboard i/p
2x SDI/Composite tailboard o/p (off-air, video returns) 16x16 digital router
Panasonic MX70 Digital Vision Mixer (up to 8 inputs, configured for 4)
VT playout/record to suit client requirements
1x 14” Murraypro LCD monitor
2x 14” quad split monitors
1x 9” CRT monitor




12kVA on-board generator
32A external power i/p via isolation transformer 


Additional Features


3x CAMPLEX camera multiplex systems allowing 2-way video (send/return), pgm audio (mic or line), 2x comms audio feeds via one coaxial cable over up to 800 metres
LINK Research Radio camera kit giving wireless SD/Composite video plus 2 pgm audio capability over a robust and reliable diversity RF link