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We believe that people make a greater contribution

to success than technology.

1-year program
Paid apprenticeship wage
Minimum 30-hour week
Opportunity for full time employment 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Televideo Training Academy, which started in September 2016, in conjunction with The Sheffield College. The 1-year program offers young people the opportunity to continue their education in a professional outside broadcast and production environment, and to achieve a Level 3 

apprenticeship in Broadcast Production. Academy students are paid an apprenticeship wage. 


Students are provided with industry focused training and development over a 30-hour week. Classroom and practical sessions take place at our city centre headquarters and at the Hillsborough campus of The Sheffield College, with onsite learning being carried out at outside broadcast and production locations across the UK. 


Whilst many media and broadcast related courses are available in higher education, there is often a large knowledge gap when moving from this level, into a real life broadcast situation. The Televideo Training Academy will provide students with the unique skills they need to operate and succeed in the industry. 

Students will gain hands-on experience in key areas of the outside broadcast and production sector including:

  • Sound

  • Vision

  • Cameras

  • VT and EVS

  • Operations

  • Post Production / Graphics


The Televideo Training Academy will educate a new generation of outside broadcast engineers and operators. After the 1-year apprenticeship we may offer promising students full-time employment in a trainee role, which could progress to a fixed position with the company.  There are many exciting job opportunities available – academy students will soon discover which areas they enjoy and wish to focus on.  


To apply for a position within the Televideo Training Academy scheme please complete the application form below and submit by email to


Below are some sample career pathways.

Televideo Training Academy - 

2nd phase focus in sound

(12 months)

Televideo Sound

Engineer Trainee

(12 Months)


Televideo Sound Engineer



Televideo Sound Supervisor



Televideo Head of Sound

Televideo Training Academy - 

2nd phase focus in VT / EVS

(12 months)

Televideo VT / EVS Operator


(12 Months)


Televideo VT / EVS Operator


Televideo Vision Mixer Trainee


Televideo Training Academy - 

2nd phase focus in VT/EVS

(12 months)


Televideo VT/EVS Trainee

(12 Months)



Televideo Head of VT 



Televideo Vision Mixer / Director

Post-Production / Graphics

Televideo Training Academy - 

2nd phase focus in Post-Production / Graphics

(12 months)

Televideo Training Academy - 

2nd phase focus in Post-Production / Graphics

(12 months)


Televideo Post-Production & Graphics Trainee

(12 Months)



Televideo Producer


Televideo Senior Editor / Graphic Designer

Televideo Assistant Producer / VizRT Graphics Operator

Televideo VizRT Graphics Operator / Editor



Televideo Head of Vision

Televideo Engineering Manager 



Televideo Vision Engineer


Televideo Vision Engineer Trainee (12 months)

Televideo Training Academy - 2nd phase focus in Vision Engineering

(12 months)


Televideo Training Academy - 2nd phase focus in Cameras

(12 months)

Televideo Camera Trainee

(12 months)


Televideo Camera Operator


Televideo Specialist Camera

Operator -

ENG / Jib / Steadicam


Televideo Camera Supervisor / Head of Cameras

Televideo Unit / Production


Televideo Operations Manager

Televideo Junior

Unit Manager



Televideo Unit Manager Trainee

(12 Months)

Televideo Training Academy - 

2nd phase focus in Operations

(12 months)

Rigger / Driver

Televideo Training Academy - 

2nd phase focus in rigging

(12 months)


Junior Rigger

(12 Months)


Televideo Rigger / Driver (HGV courses begin)



Televideo HGV Driver / Rigging Supervisor