Overall length 7.2m, width 2.65m, height 3.3m

Capability - varying, according to truck mode:

4 x Sony HDC2500 High Definition Cameras
4 x EVS XT2 HD Hard Disk Replay machines
6 x HDCAM Digibeta VTR's
Viz RT, Deko 3000, Aston 7, tOG graphics option




  • Blackmagic 2M/E vision mixer

  • Leitch 40x40 HD-SDI Matrix 

  • Leitch video glue

  • 1x ZANDAR 16 way Multi view 42” LCD Panel

  • 1x JVC HD God Monitor

  • 1x Quad LCD Engineering preview monitors. 

  • 8 Outgoing Matrix fed vision feeds in HD/SDI & Composite. 

  • TSL Tallyman tally system with 8 external tally sources and feeds to integrate with a match or presentation OB vehicle




  • 1x Zandar 16-way HD Multiview processors feeding 16 virtual monitors across 2x42” LCD Panels 

  • Each monitor is scalable in size and aspect ratio and movable according to clients requirements 

  • 2x Telex 12 key talkback panels with stalk mics and/or headsets 

  • Emergency cut panel 

  • ISO Record vision Switching panels 

  • VGA, Serial, Audio and Video tie lines on desk for all client layouts



  • Yamaha 01V96 16-channel digital sound desk – fully configurable inputs and outputs

  • Telex Zeus 24 Port Digital Communications Matrix

  • 5x “4 wire” circuits

  • TSL Utility Mixers Feeding 2 channels of radio Talkback 

  • Genelec Program Monitoring 

  • 2x Raycom Radio Talkback Base Stations 

  • 2x JVC TM10 Switchable HD Vision Preview Tube Monitors 

  • CD Player 

  • 360 Systems instant Replay Hard Disk Grams Player 

  • 6 x 8 way Mil Multicore sockets on tailboard 

  • 96 x AES and Analogue Tie-lines on tailboard

  • 48-channel Hard Disk recording option


VTR / Edit


  • Operate standalone, or in conjunction with any of our other units

  • 4 x EVS XT2 HD Hard Disk Replay machines

  • 6 x HDCAM Digibeta VTR's

  • EVS Xfile option

  • 2 x Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer non-linear edit option