HD9: Uplink Unit Launched

OB Unit with Satellite Uplink Joins the Fleet

Televideo are pleased to launch HD9, a 4-camera OB unit with dual path, fully redundant, KU band satellite uplink.

HD9 features dual Xicom 400W HPAs and 1.5 metre Advent antenna, a powerful uplink combination offering excellent performance. Its MPEG4 encoders offer the highest possible quality over narrow bandwidth satellite paths. Dual Ericsson RX8200 IRDs and a selection of off-air receivers give a range of reverse feed and confidence monitoring options.

Internally, it boasts a 16 input vision mixer, large flat-screen monitor stack, talkback matrix, digital sound desk, and wiring for 4 full Sony HDC2500 or similar production cameras, 6-channel EVS, and VTR records. Unlike most uplink vehicles, it has all of the features of our larger OB units, making it a perfect option for clients needing small multi-camera productions or presentation add-ons. This compact truck has an on-board generator with full UPS back up, along with ample storage space for equipment.

The new truck has already proven to be a hit, offering uplink and add-on services for several clients, including MNE and Pitch International.

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