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As the Televideo’s second group of Training Academy apprentices head into the third month of their 1-year program, we asked them to chronicle a day in the life of an apprentice. Several members of the group were onsite for the Toronto Wolfpack’s first league game in the UK, for which Televideo provided OB and production facilities for Premier Sports.

“Being a Televideo Training Academy apprentice is great - traveling, learning, working and earning – and experiencing some incredible jobs, like the Toronto Wolfpack rugby match in London on Saturday 4th March,

I was shadowing and helping sound on this day, and was assigned a number of important jobs, such as ensuring things were ready and set up for the live interviews, and assisting the commentators.

Firstly, I was tasked with setting up the effects mics; this was interesting because I could listen to all the ambient sounds around the pitch and arrange the microphones in such a way that the pitch sound would be prominent for the viewers. There was a lot of cable running! Next, we set up the commentators’ microphones and adjusted sound levels, then we worked closely with the engineers, setting up monitors, and running cables. I also worked with the sound supervisor in the truck, communicating through radio talkback to make sure the sound levels were perfectly aligned.

It was very busy when the show started - I listened to the director on talkback and awaited instructions. I noted the director over the radio, telling us to standby for live interviews - this meant making sure the microphone was set up ready for the reporter. It was very interesting to see and hear the live production all come together.”


“Today I worked on a rugby game, the Toronto Wolfpack against the London Skolars. This was the first time I had done an event outside of the BBL basketball contract for Perform, for which we operate a stream which only needs 3 members of staff - so it was quite a leap to work on an OB with 25 crew members!

I had been tasked with shadowing vision for the day, specifically setting up the different monitors for the gantry where the presenters and commentators would be based. I met with the Vision Engineer, who would be teaching me the basics - how to hook up the monitors, and relay our TX feed and camera 1 angle to the pres and commentary position, for the talent team to use throughout the broadcast.

This was my first OB, and I was surprised at the sheer amount of cables that had to be rigged for all the different aspects of the broadcast - from cameras to sound equipment, lighting to monitors. It was an early on air time – so there were many people lending a hand to get the cables in, so the various departments could begin their facilities checks quicker.

Setting up the monitors was something I had never done before, and I had no idea just how much goes into putting an image onto those screens. Not only the mile of cable, but once that had been rigged and connected up, we moved on to assign various mini to all the different monitors.

I feel like I learned a lot throughout my day with the vision department, it is a great role and allows you to see how the job comes together as a whole. I’m really looking forward to working with the other departments too, especially cameras, which is the area in which I would hopefully like to specialise.”

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